Crested (paint decorated), 5/16 pine varnished shaft, 2 1/2" or 3" feather fletches, your choice of colour, plastic nocks and brass piles that are pinned on to prevent pile loss in targets etc.  The shafts will be spine and weight matched, these arrows are our premium Deluxe arrows.  You will find our Deluxe arrows are made to a high standard using our 30 years of bow and arrow making experience.

Choosing the correct arrows to match your bow can be very difficult, if you don't feel up to using the drop down boxes we have provided to make the relevant choices please give us a call, we will be more than happy to take the order over the phone and get the arrows correct!!! 01225 790452 mon-sat 9am-6pm

Please select from the drop down boxes and text boxes below, using inches where possible, we will need to know the draw weight and draw length as marked on the bow, we will need the YOUR draw length, also give us the length of arrow you require (usually an inch or two more than your draw length) also choose what colour `cock` fletch you want and what colour `shaft` fletches you want and finally the pile weight.  If your draw weight/draw length etc is out of the range of the drop down boxes, just give us a call and we can certainly help make a different set to the parameters in this listing.  Don't forget to let us know what colour you want your cresting (the painted section underneath the fletches)  Construction time for arrows is about 4 weeks.

Condition New
Weight 2.25kg

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